1. Manuscript submitted to PASCHR has the length of 10,000- 15,000 thousand word following the IMRD format and
uses APA 7th style in referencing.
a. Page number is placed at the top right of the paper
b. Page title is at the center in bold (Times New Romans, Font 16)
c. Author’s name is followed by the affiliation (name department and University) Your contact email (Times new
Romans, font size 12)
d. The body or content of the manuscript must follow the IMRD (Introduction, Method, Result, Discussion) format.
(Times new Romans, font 12)
e. Center quotations allowed is only two or three sentences and quoted words may not exceed five words.
f. References must be latest preferably within the range of 5-10 years. References on the study of humanities and
phenomenology that focus on the classic e.g. Ignatius of Loyola, Emile Durkheim are exempted. References are
in alphabetical order.

2. Authors may send manuscript to and may wait a letter of acceptance/ refusal of the paper
within three days.

3. Once the paper is accepted the PASCHR secretariat will give you the PASHR account for your publication payment.

4.  The manuscript will be peer reviewed by experts related to the author’s field of research. The manuscript will be returned for the required and suggested improvements and revisions.

5. The PASCHR only accepts original papers that contributes to the reservoir of knowledge in various field. Make sure
the papers considered in PASCHR journal publication is not published or not be submitted to other journal.

6. No paper shall be withdrawn after the peer review.

7. Papers presented to PASCHR conference are already considered for publication with the consent of the author