The PASCHR as a National Association of the International Association for History of Religions (IAHR) works for the aims and objectives of the IAHR and it is attached to the Regional Association of South and Southeast Asian Association for the Study of Culture and Religion (SSEASR).

  1. The PASCHR shall provide a forum for scholarly activities across specific disciplines or fields relevant to the academic study of history, culture, and religion.
  2. The PASCHR shall foster a variety of academic activities, such as conferences, seminars, workshops, research, and publication. Such activities may not necessarily be conducted or organized in the Philippines only.
  1. The PASCHR shall work to forge academic linkage among scholars from the region and promote and support in all possible ways the work of young scholars.
  2. The PASCHR fulfils its objectives by disseminating research results through the publication of a journal, books, and newsletter.



  1. The membership fee shall be determined from time to time by the Executive Committee and would be applicable after subsequent approval by the General Assembly.
  2. Membership can be terminated if the individual violates the PASCHR laid-down rules and regulations by a majority at a General Assembly. However, he/she shall be given a prior notice and also an opportunity shall be provided to explain his/her point of view on such notice of termination.

A)  Any life membership will not remain continued if s/he does not attend three (3) consecutive conferences.

B)  Membership fee (except lifetime membership) is not refundable or transferable. In the case of lifetime membership fee, the amount will be deducted as far as the annual membership.

C)  The membership fee (except life membership if any) is non-refundable or non-transferable, in case of life membership fee, the amount will be deducted as per the annual rate of membership.



  1. The governing body of the PASCHR is the General Assembly consisting of ALL paid-up members.
  2. A General Assembly is organized annually at the end of the conference.
  3. The Notice of the General Assembly shall be given by the Secretary General in writing/electronically not less than one month before the assembly.
  4. For a General Assembly to take any decision, a quorum of a minimum of 20% of the total number of paid-up members, apart from the members of the Executive Board, is required.




  1. The PASCHR is run by an Executive Board elected by the general membership.

   The Executive Board consists of:

A) President

B) Vice-Presidents (2)

C) Secretary General

D) Deputy Secretary General

E) Treasurer

F) Information Officer


  1. There has been a tremendous and tireless effort taken by Prof. Dr. Esmeralda F. Sanchez in developing the PASCHR. For her contribution, she is made a lifetime Founder President.

2A. The PASCHR establishes a tradition of Honorary Members whose names are decided upon by the Executive Board and approved by the General Assembly. Such names are taken up among those scholars who serve not only the interests and purpose of the PASCHR but also among those who are role models for the academic study of religion and culture in any part of the world.


2B. The PASCHR shall have the concept of Founder Advisers (their number not to be more than 2) who have helped in the creation of this academic platform in the Philippines. Such name shall be proposed by the Executive Board* (please refer to history) and then ratified by the General Assembly.


  1. The Executive Board has the power to nominate regional representatives from the north, south, east, and west of the archipelago (REPLACE WITH Philippines).  It keeps in mind the balance of gender and geographical location.


3A. The PASCHR shall also create local network of scholars based in major places of the country, and such network shall be known as PASCHR Chapter...(the name of the place). There shall be not more than 3 officers there to run and promote the PASCHR in that area, and such Chapters shall be motivated under the Regional Representative of that geographical location.




President – The President shall exercise the following functions:

  1. Represent, with or without the Secretary General, the Association at all activities of the Association here and abroad; and
  2. Work for the promotion of the objectives of PASCHR in the academic circles nationally and internationally.


Vice Presidents – There shall be two positions of Vice President.  They shall have such powers and duties the board may prescribed from time to time. If the President is absent or incapacitated, the senior Vice President shall substitute for the President temporarily or until a new election has been conducted.


Secretary General – The PASCHR General Assembly shall elect one Secretary General.

He/she shall exercise the following functions:

  1. Supervise the business affairs of the Association;
  2. Record the minutes and resolutions of the Executive Board meetings and the General Assembly and maintain corporate books and records in such a form and manner as required by law;
  3. Keep and maintain a membership register, and affix the corporate seal to all official documents requiring the same;
  4. Give or send notices of the Association required by law and these by-laws; and
  5. Determine the existence of a quorum in any meeting of the members and the Executive Board.


The Deputy Secretary General shall assist the Secretary General in his/her functions. He/she is expected to function as secretary gen in his/her absence and also perform other duties as maybe assigned to him/her by the Executive Board.


Treasurer – The Treasurer shall have the following functions:

  1. Keep full and accurate accounts of funds, receipts, and disbursements in the books of the Association as well as the membership fees;
  2. Deposit to a bank all the funds, money, securities, and valuable effects in the name and to the credit of the Association;
  3. Render an annual statement showing the financial condition of the Association and other financial reports to the President and the general membership. He/she shall have the duty to have the annual financial statement audited by recognized personnel; and
  4. Perform other duties and functions as may be assigned to him by the Executive Board.


Information Officer – He/she shall be in charge of the Association’s website and any other promotional undertakings, such as publishing the PASCHR Newsletter and journal in close coordination with the Executive Board.



The elected members of Executive Board shall have a term of three years.  However, they can seek their re-election for two consecutive terms for the same post.  A third-term for the same position in the Executive Board can be sought after a GAP of three years. In no case, a person can seek the same position for more than 3 times.




1.  Amendments to this Constitution shall require a majority of no less than two-thirds of those members present and voting at a General Assembly.  A notice of not less than three months prior to such an assembly must be sent both in writing and electronically to all members.




  1. If the Executive Board, by a simple majority, decides at any time that on the ground of expense or otherwise it is necessary or advisable to dissolve the PASCHR, it shall call for an Extraordinary General Assembly; a notice of not less than one month shall be given.
  2. If such a decision is confirmed by a two-thirds majority of those present and voting at such a meeting, the Committee shall provide a formal notification of the dissolution of the PASCHR to any bodies with which it is associated or affiliated.
  3. On such dissolution, the Executive Board has the power to dispose of any assets held by or on behalf of the association.