1. The Editorial Board decides which articles pass the first screening. Only articles that pass the initial screening may be forwarded to the Editor-in-Chief, who will then assign two reviewers for double-blind review.
  2. Articles accepted for paper presentation during PASCHR’s annual conference may be considered, provided that they comply with the requirements of this journal.
  3. Articles must follow the APA Style 7th edition citation format. They must use recent works not older than eight years unless considered canonical references.
  4. The first page of the article should contain the titlbre of the paper, author’s name and affiliation, ORCID number, and email address. An abstract of not more than 250 words indicating a brief introduction, research objective, framework, and findings should be presented. Three to five keywords in alphabetical order should also be included.
  5. For an article with several authors, the first author indicated in the manuscript is assumed to be the head writer or lead researcher. The order of authors and/or the list of authors should be final before submission.
  6. The reviewers‘ decision to accept the article for publication is based on a scoring system that rates the article’s structure, methodology, presentation of findings, and relevance to the values espoused by PASCHR, among others.
  7. All authors submitting papers to the journal should provide a certificate of language editing and a Turnitin test to ensure that their paper is free from plagiarism. The journal has a policy of “zero tolerance for plagiarism.”
  8. The Editorial Board reserves the right to proofread and edit the articles for publication.